Saturday, September 21, 2019


Rules of Conduct of the National Park Visitor Schinia - Marathon:

1. Park your car in parking lots and walk as much as possible in nature. The area will easily reveal the beauty and secrets if you come in contact with her and not through the windows of a vehicle.


2. Do not leave your track after you leave. Gather diligently waste etc. in garbage bags that you equip in advance and leaving in place the bins. It is very easy to keep clean natural environment.

3. Avoid using detergents (eg soap) or other chemicals that pollute or threaten the fragile ecosystems of the National Park Schinia - Marathon.

4. Avoid loud music, voices, causing loud noises and general nuisance on land and sea. Nature plays its own unique music, enjoy.

5. The development of tree bark, harassment nesting birds and cut herbs damage the environment and are prohibited by the Forest Law.

6. Do not bring your plant seeds, young plants for transplanting to gardens, flower pots, etc. or species.

7. Do you prefer taking photos from the collection of flowers, plants and animals. Avoid cutting flowers and plants as they may unknowingly affect your weight in a rare, endemic flora of the National Park Schinia - Marathon.

8. Do not damage the ecosystem of plants and animals.

9. Be careful not to create a fire in areas that may result in fire. If you notice a fire, immediately notify the fire department or the nearest local authority.

10. If you recognize any rare plant or animal species instruct the Management Body.

11. If you become aware of any illegal activity to the detriment of the natural environment, inform immediately the competent authorities or the Agency Management

12. If you want to move in Zones Absolute Protection, informed by the Management Body for additional restrictions and prohibitions.

Become than just a visitor to the National Park Schinia - Marathon participant active citizen efforts to protect the environment.